*NOTE: We are reworking our site, removing our calender due to glitches, and building our Jedi Order. Information can be found on their Facebook Page, and we'll have the pages for members and the calender hopefully up soon. We're aiming for this fall or winter for calender, this summer for Jedi Profiles).

Our Mission is to promote nerdom and equality throughout the world!

We list partners as sort of a free advertising. Our partners then turn refer people back to our site. This enhances cross-traffic, and helps the community grow.

This helps people by allowing them eventually go anywhere and find people and places to do what they love, from cosplay and roleplay to gaming and card games.

This also helps partners, because they can find a list of events to help figure out when to schedule their own events without conflicts.

Planned Features & Updates:

-Fix minor graphic bug on calendar from last update.
-Alert on menu when Ketchup Cam is running
-Allow KetchupCam to be viewed while browsing site.
-Rework player framework.
-Give player more controls.

Site Updates

-Music Player facelift. 4/13/15
-Fixed bug where events don't show properly if two are listed on the same day.
-Fixed player disappearing if typing in partner page

-Fixed minor bug with calender effecting player first click.

-Partners list reformatted.
-Site updated to work on Safari.
-Site appearance improvements
-Chat box installed, accessible from Homepage.

We are currently looking for more partners for spreading the good news of our network around. All we need is for people to link to our site, and we link to theirs, creating cross-traffic, promoting the nerd/geek community.

A random song contributed it always loaded each time someone visits the page. We will soon be reworking our player to allow linking to your page or YouTube channel!

Also, contributing music will give you contribution points for when the system is implemented, allowing you to convert it to in-game currency, or to cash in your points for coupons on site merchandise when we release it (planned later this year).