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*UPDATE*: Smashed Brotatoes Brawl is entering a V2 Beta.
With the new Beta, characters should be available.
In fact, all of the original Brawl roster should be available,
as well as most of the current mods, plus many new ones as well!

Smashed Brotatoes. Brawl is a standardized version of balanced Smash Bros hacks.
It takes the standard Brawl engine and makes the game what it COULD have been,
had companies not had to worry about things like copyrights.

As such, Smashed Brotatoes brings a new flavor to the mix,
bringing in characters from other games and even from cartoons.
Each character added tries to keep the feel of the original controls,
from the original game that character was in, if any.

The most important part of this project though,
Is creating balance, creating a standardize version of hacks,
that can be played with other players fairly.